The Kendamil Story

Kendamil is the only British Infant Formula producer.

Our range of infant formulas are made using full cream milk sourced locally from farms based in Cumbria and Lancashire.

Kendamil is a brand from Kendal Nutricare located in Kendal near the English Lake District.

Kendal Nutricare is a Family Nutrition Company, specialising in the manufacture of world class health care products for the entire lifecycle, from infant formulas and cereals to adult meal replacement shakes, from pharma grade Anti Allergen and Lactose free powders to complete meals.

For over 55 years the factory in Kendal has produced for famous brands such as GSK, Boots, Meiji, Nutricia, United Pharmaceuticals, H J Heinz, and Hero. The company is managed by an experienced team and is backed up by highly qualified process engineers, operative technicians, laboratory microbiologists and research scientists. Many of them with over 25 years experience in the health care industry.

We export to global markets under the following accreditations: BRC Grade AA, Halal certification and international ISO 14001. The UK Authorities inspect the factory each year under the European regulation 853/2004.

We continue to drive improvement by reinvesting in sustainability programmes, new technologies and partnering with leading British Universities, Colleges and research centres.

Our History

  • 1900 Glaxo introduce roller dried infant milk
  • 1930’s Glaxo refine formula to include Vitamin D for bone development
  • 1962 Glaxo establish Kendal factory
  • 1968 Glaxo buy Farley’s brand and consolidate food business Farley Health Products in 1976
  • 1986 Boots buy Farley Health Products
  • 1993 BS5750/ ISO9001 accreditation
  • 1994 H J Heinz buy Farley’s Health Products
  • 1999 Kendal becomes Centre of Excellence for Infant Formula and Cereals.
  • 2000 ISO 14001 (environment) accreditation
  • 2003 ISO 9001 2000 accreditation
  • 2007 BRC accreditation grade A
  • June 2015 Kendal Nutricare Ltd. buy H J Heinz factory in Kendal
  • November 2015 China Registration with CNCA
  • 2016 BRC accreditation grade AA level 7
  • May 2016 Kendamil starts to supply NHS
  • July 2016 Kendamil launched at CBME Shanghai
  • August 2016 Kendamil 900g launched in EH Booths
  • August 2016 Mehadrin 800g launched in London, Manchester and Liverpool
  • September 2016 Kendamil 400g launched MENA
  • May 2017 Available in Morrisons
  • August 2017 Kendalife Meal Replacement Formula Launched
  • August 2017 Available in ASDA
  • January 2018 CFDA approve Kendamil in China as 1st brand.
  • February 2018 CFDA approve Kendamil Organic in China as 2nd brand.
  • April 2018 Kendamil Organic Launched in Sainsbury’s