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Our Kendal factory, based close to the Lake District National Park, has been producing premium quality infant formula and cereals for over 55 years.

All of our products have been specially formulated to support your baby’s growth and development from birth to weaning to toddlerhood.

Infant Formulas

Our premium range of infant formulas are made from whole milk sourced locally from farms based in Cumbria and the Lake District.

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Infant Cereals

Our range of infant cereals has been specially developed to provide your baby with the ideal balance of taste, texture and nutrition.

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55 Years Of Research & Development

Kendamil Nutricare is recognised as a leader in the development and manufacture of world class infant milk formulas and cereals. Our Kendamil branded products are managed by a specialist and highly experienced team of nutritionists and research scientists.

Premium quality infant formulas, specially developed to retain the taste, natural goodness and nutritional value of full cream whole milk.