How To Start Weaning

When is the right time to start weaning?

You are the best judge of when its time to begin weaning. Don't set any other deadlines until your child and you are ready. There is no right or wrong way to wean so ignore those friends, relatives and internet bloggers who tell you to do it a certain way. Do what feels right to you and let your child wean naturally. It is a hugely exciting time for babies as they try new tastes and textures. And at first, it’s all about fun, learning and experimentation. Here’s how to get off to a good, relaxed start... Weaning a baby involves a taste explosion
So you drink warm, sweet milk all day, every day of your life. Then suddenly one day mum’s grinning at you like mad and you’re tasting CARROTS, PEARS, APPLES, and BANANAS!! Weaning is an incredibly exciting time for a baby’s development as they try out new tastes and textures for the first time. Why not try our Kendamil Smooth Baby Rice, Smooth Banana or Cream Oat Porridge.
Your child should look astonished, appalled and delighted all at once, babies push food around their mouth, push it out by mistake, push away the spoon and sometimes grab for more.You, baby and the floor get sprayed in mashed fruit - and not much food goes down. But that’s fine, because you’re only just getting started. Here’s how to make weaning a success from the start...

Choose the right time for weaning

Your baby won’t be in the mood for food if they’re sleepy. Choose a time of day when they’re awake and alert, but not distracted. And make sure you’ve got plenty of time – you don’t want to rush. When it comes to weaning mums need all the support they can get on what to introduce when and how to get little ones eating a range of solid foods for the first time.
  Want to know more? We recommend you read this advice  from the NHS called 'Your Baby's First Solid Foods'