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It has been an absolute godsend for my 7 month old daughter. Previously I had never heard of your milk before or seen it on the shop shelves but after first trying a well known brand that changed their ingredients slightly only after a few weeks of using it and changing to another brand recommended by a family friend to find out that it was okay but not great for my daughter who suffers with eczema but also had other symptoms at the time. The health visitor was preparing to change her milk over to a prescription milk for cows protein allergy due to her symptoms, at this point I was still very wary so spoke to the doctor and waited another few weeks to see how she went and in that time I came across Kendamil finally at 4 months old and never looked back! Her skin isn’t as bad as it used to be and her other symptoms have completely cleared up. She is a very happy and content baby, I can only say your formula milk has worked it’s miracle and I’m so grateful to have found a formula that works brilliantly for her. Wish I’d know about on my older two children.


I just want to write a thank you, my daughter has always been breastfed but now and again I’ve been unwell and had to give formula. Sadly no matter what I used she was always extremely unwell on every brand I tried. Now she is 7 months and we tried your brand almost a month ago now (she weaning off breast milk and on to formula and food). All I can say is WOW. I am so over the moon with your product. She hasn’t been unwell once, and she loves your milk that much she guzzles it like there is no tomorrow. I’ve not even had a problem with her toilet habits either like I did every other brand. So, I’d just like to thank you so much for making such a wonderful product and making my daughter so happy with her new milk!

Carla S.

I adore Kendamil. I first discovered it after feeling really let down by one of the big brands. My daughter had constipation and was on medication for this. As well as reflux. I was also unhappy with the use of palm oil. After a little research I found Kendamil. I love that it’s made here in the UK, and that you use whole milk and no palm oil. I have told everyone about the benefits and I would never go back to any other milk. A few Mummy friends have made the switch to you on my recommendation! My baby is now much happier and comfortable. She no longer needs constipation medication and reflux is minimal! We both love this milk. Thank you


I recently moved Gregor onto Kendamil First Infant Formula after looking for something that would both satisfy him and agree with him. He has been a very sicky baby since birth and would be sick after nearly every feed. After treatment from the doctor, which didn’t help, I found Kendamil and thought it was worth a shot. I am so glad I ordered, Gregor is now no where near as sick as he used to be and is a much happier baby. He is also so satisfied on Kendamil and is full after each feed. We are looking forward to beginning to wean shortly and can’t wait to try some of the Kendamil porridge’s with him. Thank you for making such a fantastic product 🙂 xxxx


Kendamil is just amazing, my son was having awful tummy problems on breastmilk, normal formula and finally being prescribed hypoallergenic milk which just seemed to aggravate his system even more. I read about kendamil and decided to try and wow I just wish I’d started using it earlier, his system settled down within 48 hours and his extreme constipation was a thing of the past. I love that it’s made it the UK, uses whole milk and has no bulking agents, it actually tastes quite nice I just wish It was available slightly closer, I have to drive almost a 40 mile round trip to buy it so bulk buy.

To add to that Albie’s system has settled even more and he’s now able to go to the toilet daily without any pain, it’s incredible so thank you from us😁😁😁


My little girl Lola-Rose was born 4weeks early weighing 4lb. We managed to breastfeed to begin with but after 3 months, she decided she’d had enough. I was really upset but made the decision to introduce formula. Unfortunately, she didn’t take to it well at all. She suffered with terrible constipation and reflux. I did a fair bit of research and came across Kendamil! I was worried at first as not many other mums had heard of it. However I’m pleased to say we never looked back. Lola loves it. Within just three days of changing she was having regular bowel movements again, she wasn’t throwing up as much and her reflux settled. She is now thriving. It’s creamier, tastier and even smells nice (unlike all the other ‘popular’ brands!!!).

Nicola S.

I’m loving your milk and so is my little boy I only ended up having your milk after the whole up roar with aptimil milk I bought it before he was born so had old recipe then they changed the recipe and I didn’t see the point in him starting some old then having to change to new recipe so I decided to do some research (I’d originally picked aptimil because that’s what my sister used) that’s when I can across Kendamil I love that it’s made in Britain using British cows milk and we haven’t looked back I was originally combining feeding both breast and bottle but now I’m just formula and my little boy has never had colic or anything like that he’s slept though the night from 3weeks (some will say the 1st child is always the angle) we’ve now started on your porridge and baby rice and he’s loving ‘real’ food too!

My little girl who is now 7 and a half months old has never been a milk baby, plus having reflux I was struggling to get her to take any more than 5oz using cow & gate, it was a constant battle at meal times and I was worried my baby wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed to grow healthy. I started doing some research a couple of weeks ago and came across Kendamil, I noticed that they used full fat milk and the vitamins were more than was in cow & gate plus the fact that it was made only a couple of hours away from me and red tractor approved made this all the better supporting our local farmers. Reading the reviews left by other mums I took the plunge and bought a tub and I have got to say I will never look back!…. My little girl absolutely loves this milk taking 6/7oz every 4 hours, no reflux in sight (fingers crossed) as yet and whats more is she is so much more settled on a night time sleeping straight through without any issues! Bonus!… the milk smells lovely too, like cream! So much better than the cow & gate I used to use! I would 100% use this again and recommend to any new mums! Fantastic product! Thank you Kendamil!!

Danielle M.

My little boy is 7 months old and was combi fed using Kendamil organic from 6-14 weeks and then exclusively Kendamil fed from 14 weeks. The organic version has suited him perfectly. When we initially introduced formula we used another brand and he had trouble going to the toilet. Thankfully this issue cleared up once we transferred to Kendamil organic. I must say though there have been times when it’s been out of stock and we have been forced to use the non organic version which didn’t bode well with our son. He ended up windy and very in uncomfortable, also he lost his appetite for his milk. I wasn’t expecting such a big difference between the two. Any way Sainsburys have got their stock issue sorted and we are happily on our stage 1 organic again and our little boy is thriving.


My son was on one of the leading brands since birth until he hit 8 months old, when they happened to ‘improve’ their product, he became very ill, vomiting diarrhoea fluctuating temperature resulting in a hospital visit. After 3 weeks of this enough was enough, we went online and our local supermarket and discovered Kendamil, after that 1st bottle he was a new house man being, no vomit, no temperature nothing but a happy contented baby, so thank you very much for creating a wonderful product, will recommend always now x

Louise B.

I discovered Kendamil on a shopping trip away from my regular supermarket. Organic and UK (Cumbrian!) manufactured, I knew I had to make the switch. Jasmine loves Kendamil and since switching has stopped ‘spitting up’ completely. I wish I had discovered it sooner.

Emma K.

I can attest that this is the best formula I have used for my baby after trying others ( eg. Aptamil, Sma).She is more satisfied, happier and with good looking skin. This product is highly recommendable.

Precious O.

I would like to say a Big THANK YOU to Kendamil to be in the market to support vegetarian parents like us. Almost all formula milk for babies in market contains fish oil except Kendamil. There is no difference in price and Kendamil has all the ingredients minus fish in other milks.

Raj V.

This baby formula is a godsend to my little one our little girl has bad reflux, before switching to this formula my little one wasn’t putting on a lot weight until weeks worth of this. Even the doctor is surprised she’s got weigh on her even though she was projectile vomiting. Now a happy little girl which we are early weaning because of reflux. Thank you Kendamil keep rocking😘Even getting the doctors and health visitor’s are interested about your products


Our little boy had tried two different milks before yours (SMA didn’t agree with him and HIPP organic I hated the packaging of cardboard boxes). To be honest I didn’t try your product to start for the simple fact you guys didn’t do ready made bottles. We have been using Kendamil for a good few weeks now and love it. Our little boy drained his bottles and he doesn’t have the same gassy stomach as he had on other milks and u think his complexion has also improved. You don’t get a greasy residue left in the bottles like you do with others and it tastes a lot better and creamier. We as parents live that it’s UK made and doesn’t contain any nasty palm oil.


I have a little girl called Florence who is 2 years and we used Kendamil since she was born and still using it now! We love it. We have used stage 1,2 and 3 formula and we even still buy the porridge for her cos she loves it so much. I would early recommend Kendamil to every new mummy and have nothing but good things to say about it. I think it taste nice as well fully support what you are selling.


We LOVE kendamil organic formula! We wanted to breast feed but with complitcations in hospital it meant we couldn’t. We started her on SMA and after a hard couple of weeks and struggling with wind/colic, constipation etc. We did lots of research and swapped to kendamil. We love how it’s made in the northwest and with full fat milk. We have a completely different little girl since swapping her over and would recommend to any body! My health visitor hadn’t even heard of it and once looking over your products she said she was going to recommend to other people! We can’t wait to start her on some porridge in the next few months. X


I have been using your milk since my little boy was 3-4 weeks old, (now 4.5 m) had issues with a leading brand and was looking into alternate milks, i came across Kendamil on instagram! Someone had recommended it Josie Gibson because she wanted to supplement bf. I found myself doing online research about Kendamil and lots of people said it helped with reflux and colic, and the fact it has no palm oils/fish oils appealed to me. We have had no griping in pain or colic, my little boy is enjoying it, had no issues with online deliveries, (no stores stock it near me) , so overall a big thumbs up from us 👍🏻 x


We started using Kendamil when my little boy was a few days old. He struggled to latch on due to a tongue tie and a lip tie so with very heavy hearts we headed out to buy formula after syringe & cup feeding him endlessly and pumping to no avail. We wanted to make sure we were giving out little boy good quality stuff but didn’t agree with a lot of the stuff that is found in formula and felt uneasy about them. We stumbled across Kendamil by chance in Morrisons and because we had never heard of it started researching in the cafe and reading the tin and reviews and we haven’t looked back since. He has never had any colic, reflux or anything. He is a happy, thriving little 8 month old today! We are so so happy we found Kendamil it made a very disappointing situation much more manageable. We have since recommended it to several friends and would do to anyone.


My little boy loves your formula he was on cow and gate and it didn’t agree with him so my friend told me about your formula so i tried it and he loves it hes now 8 months old and a very happy healthy baby


The BEST Milk in the world👌


We used your milk after issue after issue with every other brand and ever since she has been in Kendamil it’s been a dream to helping her severe reflux and even managed to come off her stomach medication due to no oils in your milk we are expecting baby number 2 in June and without any hesitation your milk will be what we use I recommend to every single parent I know and most have all switched and is getting more popular in our store here we can’t thank you enough for this milk as a new parent it was a dream! Please don’t ever change your formula!