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My son was on one of the leading brands since birth until he hit 8 months old, when they happened to ‘improve’ their product, he became very ill, vomiting diarrhoea fluctuating temperature resulting in a hospital visit. After 3 weeks of this enough was enough, we went online and our local supermarket and discovered Kendamil, after that 1st bottle he was a new house man being, no vomit, no temperature nothing but a happy contented baby, so thank you very much for creating a wonderful product, will recommend always now x

Louise B.

I discovered Kendamil on a shopping trip away from my regular supermarket. Organic and UK (Cumbrian!) manufactured, I knew I had to make the switch. Jasmine loves Kendamil and since switching has stopped ‘spitting up’ completely. I wish I had discovered it sooner.

Emma K.

I can attest that this is the best formula I have used for my baby after trying others ( eg. Aptamil, Sma).She is more satisfied, happier and with good looking skin. This product is highly recommendable.

Precious O.

I just want to write a thank you, my daughter has always been breastfed but now and again I’ve been unwell and had to give formula. Sadly no matter what I used she was always extremely unwell on every brand I tried. Now she is 7 months and we tried your brand almost a month ago now (she weaning off breast milk and on to formula and food). All I can say is WOW. I am so over the moon with your product. She hasn’t been unwell once, and she loves your milk that much she guzzles it like there is no tomorrow. I’ve not even had a problem with her toilet habits either like I did every other brand. So, I’d just like to thank you so much for making such a wonderful product and making my daughter so happy with her new milk!

Carla S.

My little girl Lola-Rose was born 4weeks early weighing 4lb. We managed to breastfeed to begin with but after 3 months, she decided she’d had enough. I was really upset but made the decision to introduce formula. Unfortunately, she didn’t take to it well at all. She suffered with terrible constipation and reflux. I did a fair bit of research and came across Kendamil! I was worried at first as not many other mums had heard of it. However I’m pleased to say we never looked back. Lola loves it. Within just three days of changing she was having regular bowel movements again, she wasn’t throwing up as much and her reflux settled. She is now thriving. It’s creamier, tastier and even smells nice (unlike all the other ‘popular’ brands!!!).

Nicola S.

My little girl who is now 7 and a half months old has never been a milk baby, plus having reflux I was struggling to get her to take any more than 5oz using cow & gate, it was a constant battle at meal times and I was worried my baby wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed to grow healthy. I started doing some research a couple of weeks ago and came across Kendamil, I noticed that they used full fat milk and the vitamins were more than was in cow & gate plus the fact that it was made only a couple of hours away from me and red tractor approved made this all the better supporting our local farmers. Reading the reviews left by other mums I took the plunge and bought a tub and I have got to say I will never look back!…. My little girl absolutely loves this milk taking 6/7oz every 4 hours, no reflux in sight (fingers crossed) as yet and whats more is she is so much more settled on a night time sleeping straight through without any issues! Bonus!… the milk smells lovely too, like cream! So much better than the cow & gate I used to use! I would 100% use this again and recommend to any new mums! Fantastic product! Thank you Kendamil!!

Danielle M.

I would like to say a Big THANK YOU to Kendamil to be in the market to support vegetarian parents like us. Almost all formula milk for babies in market contains fish oil except Kendamil. There is no difference in price and Kendamil has all the ingredients minus fish in other milks.

Raj V.