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Love Kendamil! Our son was on Cow&Gate but it was making him so ill and he seemed to always be in pain. As soon as we switched to Kendamil he has been a totally different baby, plus it tastes and smells so much better. We now have a happy, healthy baby & I am so glad we came across Kendamil. Also the porridge is a massive hit with him too!

Helena Jane Smith

Thank God I found Kendamil infant milk!

My daughter was previously on Cow and Gate and was so unsettled and seemed to be in pain to the point where she point blank refused to drink from a bottle. After seeing a paediatrician for months we were admitted to hospital where they started to tube feed her, after a week we came home still tube feeding and my step daughters mum said her friends little boy had the same problem and had changed milk to Kendamil. So after sending my husband to 4 different supermarkets we found some and tried her with a bottle that night and she drank it! We literally couldn’t believe how quickly she changed and we were able to have her tube removed within 5 days of starting it! I honestly can not believe the difference in my baby since changing to your milk and neither could my health visitor or Paediatrician! She’s been on it for 3 months now and is doing absolutely brilliant!

Thank you so much you have saved one very tired and stressed Mummy’s sanity!!

Lucy Drake

I heard about Kendamil via a mum group on Facebook, after being repeatedly failed by Aptamil and their “new formula” – lumpy nonsense. My son was unsatisfied at the end of every day as the amount of powder left over from 6 feeds probably amounted to a whole feed! He was getting more water than milk.

We switched to Kendamil 3 weeks ago and the formula is just golden! He empties almost every bottle and is so content between. Perfect nappies and transition. For the past 2 weeks he has slept no less than 8 hours through the night, coincidence? Probably not because he was only 5 weeks old.
We’re on the east coast of Scotland, Fife, so I’m not sure where we can buy in store but I don’t mind ordering online.

Charley Couper

I have just switched my baby onto this milk after using Aptamil. This milk tastes absolutely lovely. My baby cannot get enough of it! he just wants to drink it all the time it’s so lovely and creamy would highly recommend Kendamil milk.

Stephanie Cake

I can’t recommend this formula enough!!
Thank you Kendamil!!

My daughter (previously on HiPP organic) had issues with silent reflux and colic/wind and this has seriously been a game changer! After much research, I didn’t want to put her on an anti-reflux formula as I know they are renowned for constipation (also another issue she has struggled with so didn’t want to swap one problem for another) – Even after only 2 days being on it she is a different baby. She’s happy, no more reflux, no more constant crying in pain, no more evening fussiness, she’s even sleeping now for 5hours at a time. I know it’s still early days and it still may take a while for her to adjust to it but just wanted to let you mummies know that the 5 star ratings it has are for a reason. One happy baby and one happy mummy over here.

The only downfall is it’s availability in big supermarkets so I ordered it online, however, customer service was fab and it arrived within 2 days.

Millie Trepte

‘Brilliant Milk, Really Made a Difference’

My baby loves this milk. I have formula fed from day one and knew I would, I worried for weeks about what formula to use and originally settled on Aptamil then saw the dispatchers documentary on tv about formula that featured Kendamil. I then looked them up and was sold! I had however already bought pre-made bottles for hospital and a box of Aptamil. I decided to use those up as Kendamil don’t do ready made. Our baby wouldn’t drink much, lost a lot of weight and I found Aptamil smelt sour and off but figured it was just formula. Half way through tub of Aptamil at home and decided nope this isn’t working for her! Lets try Kendamil and she loved it! She got back up to her birth weight within a few days and she’s now 6 weeks old and LOVES her milk, she gets so excited a the bottle gets near her face! It smells and tastes nice and creamy…. I would happily drink it if I needed to!

Liam L – Amazon Customer

I switched from Cow & Gate to Kendamil and what a fantastic improvement on my little boy. No problems with bringing up wind or constipation. Ordering process is straight forward on their website and we’re doing a monthly plan so no more going to the shops for it, all delivered to the house. Absolutely fantastic!

Lauren Turner

Well done Kendamil, what an honest brand!
My little girl was on antibiotics straight after birth, and I was expressing and I needed to top her up.. so I choose organic goat milk formula as apparently it’s more gentle but with 2 days she became very constipated, doctor put her on regular lactulose 2 a day.. she was still constipated! On HV advice I gradually swap to Hipp and she was project vomiting and really unsettled and still constituted. She drank only a bit at a time .. didn’t work.. so I tried Kabrita goat milk (£20 a tap) and she was ok but still constipated, but I made peace and thought we will just use laxatives till I can introduce prune in her diet . But after a month she start having black specks in her poop so I was really worried and didn’t thought it was ok. HV and 3 different GP doctors thought it was fine. So after extensive research I Googled formula without Palm oil. And this great formula came up!
I love all ingredients in it and my girl took to it with out any issues and I am happy to say after 24 hours on it she popped normally with out any specks in it. I just wish I would find it earlier. Highly recommend it.
Big thank you Kendamil!

Nina Crisan

Not being able to breastfeed for long due to health reasons despite amazing milk supply was heartbreaking – all the mainstream formulas made baby sick and spotty. Plus they all tasted unpalatable with an endless list of weird ingredients (and palm oil). I felt awful feeding that rubbish that I wouldn’t even eat to my newborn baby.

It was so refreshing to find Kendamil organic – tastes delicious, fewer ingredients, NO palm oil, organic, metal cans which are better for recycling, made in Britain just up the road from our family.

Their customer service is absolutely superb, their products arrived through the post less than 24 hours after we ordered them (free delivery) and their weaning breakfast porridge’s are also delicious and so quick and easy to prepare.

I am this brands biggest fan!! It made the sad task of prematurely ending breastfeeding a lot easier.


Gemma Whiting

My baby was on SMA for 20 days…just didn’t suit him. Always constipated or runny poo.. used to drink around 2oz every 3 hours…10 days ago I changed him 2 Kendamil after  a recommendation.. would never look back!! He drinks 4oz every 3/4 hours.. never content on this milk…plus my local shops are starting to stock it.!

Lal Malia Isaac Read

‘Kendamil Changed my Baby’s Life’

When my son was first born, my midwife recommended Aptamil as it was the closest to breastmilk. However, after a few weeks on it he started to become rather ill, in and out of hospital with constipation and had to have suppositories to allow him some relief. After this failed, I decided to change his milk and was recommended SMA, to start with he seemed to take to it but then after every feed began to scream and wriggle around in agony. I went back to the doctors and demanded they do something, he was then diagnosed with silent reflux given Gaviscon powder and I was advised to give him SMA anti reflux. Everything changed, he started sleeping through the night at 4 months old. He was settled and content and such a happy baby. All this until they introduced a new formula which contained Fish Oil. He was so ill again, went back to screaming and his poo even turned black. At my wits end I contacted SMA, who told me that it was a law change and there was nothing I could do.
I looked online for an alternative and found Kendamil. I honestly can say my little boy is better than ever he does not have to have Gaviscon anymore, he loves the milk and absolutely savours every last drop. His skin has cleared of all blemishes and he is more regular filling his nappies!

I can not recommend this product enough, I wish I had known about it sooner, definitely telling everyone about it!… love the product so much I have just bought there cereal range for my son to start when he starts weaning.

Kendamil is a game changer, the product smells amazing, obviously tastes amazing as my son would definitely agree.. wish they sold it in all major supermarkets as found it hard to source. But finally found somewhere. Also is good value for money on par with other milk brands.

Emily – Amazon Customer

I first heard about Kendalmil through my sister, my daughter was originally on Cow&Gate which was giving her constipation, trapped wind to the point that she could not settle at night time especially. We tried infacol, gripe water but nothing seemed to help. I switched her to Kendalmil and within 48hours she was a different girl! No more constipation no more griping and crying and oh my god the extra sleep is a godsend. She does not wake up crying in pain she sleeps right through. I really cannot recommend this formula enough. I’ve told my husband it’s the miracle milk! She is now one happy baby thanks to kendalmil.

Rhia Sells

I honestly cannot recommend Kendamil baby milk enough….I breastfeed my baby he refused to have any of the other brands tried different bottles etc…came across this and bought a small tub of it and 2 weeks in he is bottle feeding! he loves it, tastes and smells so much better than the other formulas…he loves the porridge too. anyone out there struggling with moving on to formula milk from best feeding I strongly recommend trying this! thanks Kendamil!

Tanya Kelly

‘Amazing Milk!!’

Switched to this milk as my baby would not settle on any other. Glad I did as she loves it and her colic has stopped! It’s great. Highly recommend a try of this if you’re struggling 🙂

Gemma Wade – Amazon Customer

I exclusively breastfed my little girl for the first 6 months of her life. I then decided to go onto formula to try and combi feed. We tried 3 different formulas (quite big brands) and my girl gagged and screamed through all of them. It was awful and so distressing. After some research, I stumbled on Kendamil. I had to travel out of my hometown to get it, but my goodness was it worth it! My girl guzzled 7oz in no time… It was amazing! When made up, the milk just smelt like warm milk. It didn’t have that awful fishy odour that some of the bigger brands had. The fact my girl took a full 7oz on her first attempt speaks volumes. It also hasn’t made her constipated like the others have. I bought my first tin last week and will be buying another in a few days.
I shout this brand from the rooftops to my friends and family and sadly, so many people haven’t heard of it.
It’s made the transition from exclusively breastfed to combi fed incredibly easy for my baby and for that I’m really grateful. I’ll recommend this formula to anyone and everyone!

Rebecca Maxwell

Switched to Kendamil before trying dairy free formula (doctors recommendation) but we didn’t believe our little girl had a dairy intolerance, so thought we would try Kendamil first as it says suitable for babies with sensitive digestive systems. Long story short, she’s loved her milk ever since, been a happier more content baby, and her Colic has massively improved and you can tell the formula is a lot less gassy than others. I couldn’t believe the difference and my husband even says it tastes a lot better than the others! Great value for money too! Recommended to a friend who’s baby was struggling and they also love Kendamil!

Lauren Williams

Amazing product and used since my son stopped breastfeeding himself from 10 months. Wouldn’t dream of using any other formula. It’s organic, no palm oil and made in the Lake District what more could you ask! Also AMAZING customer service when I couldn’t get hold of my sons milk anywhere during the Corona outbreak. Amazing local company thankyou.

Jenny Jones

‘The Best Formula In My Opinion’

We switched to Kendamil after our baby suffered from colic and nothing seemed to help. We heard of Kendamil by chance and as it was made right here in the UK, boasted to be made of whole milk where others aren’t (I didn’t know that beforehand) So we have it a try. On making the first bottle you could tell the difference from the smell. Just like sweet warm milk. Unlike the awful smell of other formulas. It settles our baby’s tummy and she thrived. We have never looked back and recommend to others where we can.

ZK – Amazon Customer

Amazing! My little girl was constantly vomiting after feed so I decided to change brands and use Kendamil! Wow, I’m 100% happy with this product, baby is no longer being sick! She’s so settled, this milk has been a lifesaver for us, we have one happy baby!

Emma Louise Roberts

Excellent service and the milk formula is of great quality. My baby daughter loves it, and she’s growing big and strong. Every time I contact them they respond quickly, as I had some items missing from my order one time. They sent them the following day urgently, apologised, and I received them within a couple of days. Highly recommended!

Colin Booth

Have been using Kendamil since I came home with my baby twin girls.
After much research & asking for recommendations, we decide to try Kendamil on my 2 day old twins. They have thrived.

They are now 4 months old & are doing fab. They have full tummies & sleep through the night.  We’ve not experienced any issues with the formula & will continue to use it. As we struggled to get it in the supermarket I decided to take a monthly subscription. This is a godsend. No need to worry if I can get formula as I get a text & email notifying me of my next delivery. I’ve recommended Kendamil to a few new mums.

Love that it’s British made using whole milk & no palm oil.

Emma Adams

Absolutely love Kendamil formula for a few reasons.
1. I am supporting British farmers
2. I love that it’s made using whole milk
3. No palm oil so better for the environment and baby.
Lastly and most importantly my daughter loves it. She took to it so easily when our breastfeeding journey came to an end after 6 Weeks.

Katrina Balfour

I switched my little one from cow and gate at a couple of weeks old she was very gassy, struggled to be winded and violently sick but after the formula changed it made things a lot worse. She was constipated for 5 days and would cry in pain when you picked her. After swapping to Kendamil she was and 5 months later is a completely different baby and thriving!

Vicky Stowe

‘A Brand Mum Can Trust’

I heard about your formula watching channel 4’s Dispatches: The Great Formula Milk Scandal (worth a watch all parents wading through the minefield of buying formula!). Kendamil were the only formula factory to allow the programme full access to their factory and to disclose the ingredients used. This made me feel like I was watching a brand that I could trust. Consequently my baby has been on nothing else since he came out of the hospital special care unit and he’s now a healthy boy who loves Kendamil porridges too. The plain porridge is so yummy and creamy Mummy and Daddy wish it came in adult sized boxes! What’s more impressive is that they have no added sugar so you know you’re not feeding your baby junk. The formula uses whole milk unlike other brands which use skimmed milk and bulking agents, and if you’re planet conscious it is palm oil free too! This is the only baby food that I buy ‘pre-made’ and I buy with 100% confidence baby is getting the best.

Victoria GB – Amazon Customer

‘Amazing Milk’

My 12 week old Baby has been on Kendamil since birth; he has suffered no colic, no stomach pains and is so strong for his age. With this product being produced in the UK and delivered to your door I highly recommend Kendamil.

Hannah Edgar

I had the chance to use Kendamil milk on both of my children, and soon to use it with baby number 3.

Kendamil milk is simply the best! Both my children slept all night from 8 weeks old it’s full of cream and palm oil free the best milk on the market.

Chloe Parris

Love Kendamil! Our son was on Cow & Gate but it was making him so ill and he seemed to always be in pain. As soon as we switched to Kendamil he has been a totally different baby, plus it tastes and smells so much better. We now have a happy, healthy baby & I am so glad we came across Kendamil. Also the porridge is a massive hit with him too!

Helena Jane Smith

Our son absolutely loves this formula! He didn’t get on with some of the well known brands and would constantly spit up. A friend recommended Kendamil to us and we have never looked back. He rarely spits up and is so content after each feed.

I would highly recommend Kendamil and I can’t wait for our son to try some of the other products as he gets older!

Jo Westcar

Having tried other brands for my 13 week old little girl, nothing seemed to help the windy pains she would get. It just seemed constant. Tried her with comfort milk – probably made things worse. A couple of prescribed medications….still nothing helped.
I stumbled across Kendamil by chance the other week and read all about it, I also read parents reviews. I states it’s easier to digest so I figured it couldn’t do any hurt to give it a try.
In just a few days, my daughter was a changed baby. No crying/screaming in pain, no body stiffening, no pulling knees up to chest. She’s having regular dirty nappies and just seems like a much more content, happy baby. She sleeps well.
She really seems to enjoy this milk. For me this has been a godsend. I hadn’t actually heard of it beforehand so it’s been a great discovery. I’d highly recommend to parents with ‘windy’ or colicky babies. Give it a try. Nothing ventured and all that.
My baby daughter’s name is Kendra, so I refer to Kendamil as Kendramilk….it’s like it was made for her!
It’s just great stuff, I really can’t praise it anymore highly.
I doubt anyone or any baby would be disappointed with this milk.

Susan Bardon

Kendamil has been a godsend! We started on a popular well known brand and then tried another as that one wasn’t suiting. We then heard about Kendamil and I was really reluctant at first as this would have been the third new brand we had tried but so glad we did!

My son drinks it with no fuss and much less tummy troubles than he was having with the other two brands. He’s just about to turn 6 months and can’t wait to try him on some of the porridges!

Kim Dunn

My boy has thrived on Kendamil since he was born 5 weeks ago. We absolutely love it and the service you provide is always excellent!

Alishia McCarthy

Recommending Kendamil to everyone. Love the ethics and its British makings. My son has been using their infant milk from breast milk with no problems and has just started their porridge. Can’t wait to explore their other cereals.

Ruth Ellen James

What a lovely formula – to know it’s good for the environment and the baby. Great to know my baby is getting quality ingredients and British made. My EBF took to it straight away and went from getting up 3 times a night to just once in a matter of days. Recommend to all my friends and family.

Kimberley Corps

Despite my best efforts I was unable to breastfeed my son. I decided to combine formula feeding and expressing. However he reacted really badly to both. We decided (with Health Visitor) that he maybe lactose intolerant as he had all the symptoms. We tried various methods to remove the lactose, but it didn’t really work. He was on gripe water and Infacol and still he struggled. I was so glad I had already had a child as otherwise I would have thought I was a failure as a mum, as I now had a baby that fed very little and often (hourly day and night- no more than an oz at a time) and was extremely uncomfortable and restless during and after feeding! I gave up expressing and we put him on lactose free milk (prescription) and he improved a little, but was still often uncomfortable and very gassy (you could hear it internally before it became external!) and constipated.

He was a skinny baby (16th percentile at one stage), and always a bit grumpy! Then, a competitor brand updated their lactose free formula and we were back to stage one again. He was in so much discomfort, we were giving him Calpol or he would just cry and cry. I contacted them and asked them to explain what they had added/ changed. Turns out they had increased the omega 3 to meet with EU regulations. I asked them if this was in the form of fish oils and it was. Turns out my baby struggles to digest them, which is quite common in the amounts they now add (googled it). When expressing and during pregnancy I had been taking the vitamins with the extra fish oil capsules! I immediately changed to Kendamil after some research- I know they recommend you do this gradually, but I figured it could not be any worse than it already was! He drank the whole bottle in one- which made me panic a little! His stomach settled really quickly and he started piling on weight. He is 7 months now and has been on Kendamil for around 3 months. He loves his food. Long gone is the grumpy, skinny baby! He is really chunky now! Due to covid-19 I have not been able to confirm an intolerance with the doctors or get him weighed! My daughter to be fair was fine on a competitor brand, but that was before they began changing the formula.

I know that Midwives and Health Visitors are not really allowed to suggest you try certain brands, but they really could do with more awareness of how the ingredients like fish oils can cause babies such discomfort. If I had known I would have changed months before and had a happier, healthier baby and far more sleep- although he’s still not that great at night! So thank you Kendamil- better late than never!


Kendamil for me is a miracle milk! My son had reflux symptoms, fed only 1 to 2oz every couple of hours taking in way below what he should have been and crying inconsolably every night for up to 8 hours. Started Kendamil when he was 10 weeks old and he was a changed boy after 2 days. He started taking 4 to 5oz feeds every 3 hours, sleeping from 8 until 6, no reflux and the inconsolable crying stopped. Wish I tried it sooner!!

Emma Barron

This is the best baby milk I have ever used. My first baby was premature and had breastmilk then moved on to Aptamil. He had reflux, gas and was a very unhappy baby. We tried 10 different bottles, lots of other varieties, comfort milk, Cow & Gate, adding colief, even medication (ranitidine and thickeners) but no improvement. It was awful! He was prescribed dairy free milk, nutramigen but this didn’t help either. We never found a solution, he was 9 months before he was switched to cows milk and was happy. Second baby had expressed breast milk and Mam bottles and fed like a dream. My husband found Kendamil and wanted to try it as it had none of the palm oil, additives etc and was from whole milk and a local product. I was unsure so first tried Aptamil when switching from breast milk and it was a disaster. Happy baby became angry and fussy and straining and wouldn’t sleep well. Switched to Kendamill, he is now 6 weeks and a dream! Milk smells great, is so easy for him to poop (nappies are not grainy or seedy, more soft and very easy on him). Kendamil should be what babies are given by the NHS!!!

I would like to thank you all at Kendamil for manufacturing and providing us with a fantastic formula. My little girl is 10 weeks and I wouldn’t like to give her anything else – made in GB and palm oil free.
I also thank you for handling my orders quickly and getting them out for delivery in good time. Keep up the good work!


I changed my sons formula to Kendamil after discovering he had an intolerance to fish oil. After 3 weeks of him suffering really badly with colic, constipation and generally being upset and in a lot of pain, within 48 hours of switching from another brand he was a different baby. Absolutely no griping pain and so much happier plus he’s sleeping 6-7 hours through the night. I would highly recommend this formula!

I couldn’t recommend Kendamil enough! Our little girl is thriving on Kendamil stage 1, not only is the formula excellent and high quality, the service from this family run company has been amazing and attentive! After coming close to running out on Friday and going to 10 different shops it was nowhere to be found! I rang the office in Kendal on late Friday afternoon close to closing time and they managed to help us we arrived just before 6pm and our order was there waiting for us.

Jasmin Mcgrath

Great quality – my little girl has had nothing else, I might only be able to get in in Morrison’s but you can order from the factory no problems and staff are always friendly and helpful. My LG loves the porridge tried her on different makes but she didn’t like them. Would highly recommend to anyone and it’s British.

Arlene Lee

Absolutely love the Kendamil brand! My daughter loves the formula! After struggling for some time to find one that suited her, we may have done it! We love the cereal and better yet that they deliver!

Chloe Natasha Edge

I always recommend Kendamil to friends who have had babies.. My twins were 6 weeks early when born weighing just 5lb 3 and 3lb 13, we used Kendamil from day 1 and never looked back. I come down to the factory shop to buy my milk every week, the staff are always friendly and no matter what time I go they always let me in. Brilliant – highly recommended.


Gemma H.

I just want to write a thank you, my daughter has always been breastfed but now and again I’ve been unwell and had to give formula. Sadly no matter what I used she was always extremely unwell on every brand I tried. Now she is 7 months and we tried your brand almost a month ago now (she weaning off breast milk and on to formula and food). All I can say is WOW. I am so over the moon with your product. She hasn’t been unwell once, and she loves your milk that much she guzzles it like there is no tomorrow. I’ve not even had a problem with her toilet habits either like I did every other brand. So, I’d just like to thank you so much for making such a wonderful product and making my daughter so happy with her new milk!

Carla S.

My little girl who is now 7 and a half months old has never been a milk baby, plus having reflux I was struggling to get her to take any more than 5oz using cow & gate, it was a constant battle at meal times and I was worried my baby wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed to grow healthy. I started doing some research a couple of weeks ago and came across Kendamil, I noticed that they used full fat milk and the vitamins were more than was in cow & gate plus the fact that it was made only a couple of hours away from me and red tractor approved made this all the better supporting our local farmers. Reading the reviews left by other mums I took the plunge and bought a tub and I have got to say I will never look back!…. My little girl absolutely loves this milk taking 6/7oz every 4 hours, no reflux in sight (fingers crossed) as yet and whats more is she is so much more settled on a night time sleeping straight through without any issues! Bonus!… the milk smells lovely too, like cream! So much better than the cow & gate I used to use! I would 100% use this again and recommend to any new mums! Fantastic product! Thank you Kendamil!!

Danielle M.

My little boy is 7 months old and was combi fed using Kendamil organic from 6-14 weeks and then exclusively Kendamil fed from 14 weeks. The organic version has suited him perfectly. When we initially introduced formula we used another brand and he had trouble going to the toilet. Thankfully this issue cleared up once we transferred to Kendamil organic. I must say though there have been times when it’s been out of stock and we have been forced to use the non organic version which didn’t bode well with our son. He ended up windy and very in uncomfortable, also he lost his appetite for his milk. I wasn’t expecting such a big difference between the two. Any way Sainsburys have got their stock issue sorted and we are happily on our stage 1 organic again and our little boy is thriving.


My son was on one of the leading brands since birth until he hit 8 months old, when they happened to ‘improve’ their product, he became very ill, vomiting diarrhoea fluctuating temperature resulting in a hospital visit. After 3 weeks of this enough was enough, we went online and our local supermarket and discovered Kendamil, after that 1st bottle he was a new house man being, no vomit, no temperature nothing but a happy contented baby, so thank you very much for creating a wonderful product, will recommend always now x

Louise B.

I discovered Kendamil on a shopping trip away from my regular supermarket. Organic and UK (Cumbrian!) manufactured, I knew I had to make the switch. Jasmine loves Kendamil and since switching has stopped ‘spitting up’ completely. I wish I had discovered it sooner.

Emma K.

I can attest that this is the best formula I have used for my baby after trying others ( eg. Aptamil, Sma).She is more satisfied, happier and with good looking skin. This product is highly recommendable.

Precious O.

I would like to say a Big THANK YOU to Kendamil to be in the market to support vegetarian parents like us. Almost all formula milk for babies in market contains fish oil except Kendamil. There is no difference in price and Kendamil has all the ingredients minus fish in other milks.

Raj V.

Our little boy had tried two different milks before yours (SMA didn’t agree with him and HIPP organic I hated the packaging of cardboard boxes). To be honest I didn’t try your product to start for the simple fact you guys didn’t do ready made bottles. We have been using Kendamil for a good few weeks now and love it. Our little boy drained his bottles and he doesn’t have the same gassy stomach as he had on other milks and u think his complexion has also improved. You don’t get a greasy residue left in the bottles like you do with others and it tastes a lot better and creamier. We as parents live that it’s UK made and doesn’t contain any nasty palm oil.


I have a little girl called Florence who is 2 years and we used Kendamil since she was born and still using it now! We love it. We have used stage 1,2 and 3 formula and we even still buy the porridge for her cos she loves it so much. I would early recommend Kendamil to every new mummy and have nothing but good things to say about it. I think it taste nice as well fully support what you are selling.


We LOVE kendamil organic formula! We wanted to breast feed but with complitcations in hospital it meant we couldn’t. We started her on SMA and after a hard couple of weeks and struggling with wind/colic, constipation etc. We did lots of research and swapped to kendamil. We love how it’s made in the northwest and with full fat milk. We have a completely different little girl since swapping her over and would recommend to any body! My health visitor hadn’t even heard of it and once looking over your products she said she was going to recommend to other people! We can’t wait to start her on some porridge in the next few months. X


We started using Kendamil when my little boy was a few days old. He struggled to latch on due to a tongue tie and a lip tie so with very heavy hearts we headed out to buy formula after syringe & cup feeding him endlessly and pumping to no avail. We wanted to make sure we were giving out little boy good quality stuff but didn’t agree with a lot of the stuff that is found in formula and felt uneasy about them. We stumbled across Kendamil by chance in Morrisons and because we had never heard of it started researching in the cafe and reading the tin and reviews and we haven’t looked back since. He has never had any colic, reflux or anything. He is a happy, thriving little 8 month old today! We are so so happy we found Kendamil it made a very disappointing situation much more manageable. We have since recommended it to several friends and would do to anyone.


My little boy loves your formula he was on cow and gate and it didn’t agree with him so my friend told me about your formula so i tried it and he loves it hes now 8 months old and a very happy healthy baby


Kendamil has been fantastic for us as a family. You can immediately see the difference just by looking at the formula but my babies have been transformed when using this product. I couldn’t recommend Kendamil more!

Amazon Reviewer

Milk with no palm oil and the most natural ingredients and good taste. My baby loves it! I definitely recommend Kendamil.

Irina Yungareva

‘Amazing Quality!’

Even when I’m breastfeeding, I’m using this powder into porridges. I’m very happy with the product as it has no palm oil and this was the only product without it I could find! It also tastes great and has nice ingredients, so I’m very happy with my purchase so great, that I will stick to it for as long as I’ll need it to my baby. Also they send me advice about other great products they have so I’ll probably will try them as well.

Indra Mas – Amazon Customer

Amazing formula, my son is 9 months old & has been on it since birth. I’ve never had issues with it and would highly recommend to everyone. It’s got a lovely flavour & nice consistency

Stevie Neary

Was looking for a milk with no palm oil and the most natural ingredients and this one is excellent. My little one loves it! I definitely recommend this product.

Javier Urena

My little girl is very fussy with her milk and was doing ok on Hipp Organic but her volumes gradually got lower and she just wasn’t really enjoying it anymore. I had her checked by a GP and they said she was fine and healthy so no underlying cause she was just being fussy! I did loads of research and came across Kendamil and straight away she has gone from 3/4 oz to 6/7oz bottles! Amazing!!
Her weight gain is brilliant!
It smells amazing too! We’ve now subscribed to having her milk delivered each month so we don’t need to worry and it’s so convenient!

Georgia Lindsay

This milk is fantastic. I have been recommending it to everyone! We used Hipp organic for our first baby and she did really well on it but when it came to baby number two, it wasn’t such a good match. I heard about the channel 4 doc that looked at baby formula and how Kendamil turned out to be one of the better ones, so we changed over to Kendamil. He’s so much better off! He’s a very big, happy and very healthy boy now. The only problem is that it tastes so great that his sister always wants to drink his milk!:) Honestly, a great product – well done.

Elissa Franklin

I love this formula and so does my daughter!!! I breastfed for 4 months and used formula as a top up when after me she still didn’t feel full. Tried Hipp Organic, but she would reflux a lot on it and cry. Cow and Gate we tried for a bit mostly when we were in a hurry because of the handy bottle, but she had similar “symptoms” just like after having Hipp. I was fed up with rubbish formulas and my poor baby refluxing constantly after having them and also the fact that there was palm oil in every single one of them which I disliked from the beginning.

I decided to do my own research and found a formula without palm oil called Kendamil. Let me just tell you that we never looked back! It’s so light and fluffy. She rarely refluxes afterwards. Her belly seems happy and she has a normal amount of dirty diapers every day. We are so happy! When we talk to the doctors about this formula they either pretend they never heard about it or they are just very ignorant. It’s the best formula out there, especially if your baby has a sensitive stomach and most babies do! Also, no palm oil!! Now my baby is only on Kendamil because I don’t have milk anymore. She sleeps wonderfully throughout the night without crying because of a painful belly. Happy parents and a happy baby! So thankful for your product!

Ester Tankosic

My boy is 8 months we have used Kendamil from the start – best milk, not heard one bad thing. I highly recommend.

Lindsay Holleran

I wish I had known about Kendamil formula for my older children. My newborn daughter has got it since she was 2 days old and my goodness, she’s so settled. No Colic, no reflux, no constipation and she’s so content. It would be nice to buy it locally in Northern Ireland but the Kendamil website delivers really quickly and even with postage it’s still cheaper than some of the big brands. Definitely would recommend to anyone!

Claire Daisy Crawford

My baby is one month old and loves this milk from day one he is gaining weight fast and growing so quickly he is drinking 4 oz every 3 hours finishes nearly every bottle. He is never sick has no reflux and is always content and sleeps really well!

Shannon Sutton

Best milk I have used. I breastfed for 5 months. my son is a very hungry baby. With other formulas he was unsettled again after about an hour but on this milk he goes the full 4 hours and sleeps all night. Best milk and couldn’t recommend enough!

Anneka Wright

‘Happy Baby!’

The fact that it contains no palm oil is a great thing in doing my bit for the environment.
My little guy seems happy with it, tastes delicious unlike the other baby formulas out there.

Carol Shale – Amazon Customer

‘Brilliant Product’

My baby has been on this milk since birth and I have to say it fantastic. Never had any trouble with it, mixes great and she seems to enjoy it!
Great to see the red tractor label on there too!
I chose this milk after watching a dispatches program on baby milk and this company was the only factory to allow the cameras in and they seemed very proud to make a “clean” milk no “extra bits” or added chemicals!

Mrs L Peacock

My baby is only 14 days old, I have used Kendamil since birth. This baby is my 6th and it’s the first time using this milk.

The difference in this baby is almost unreal, she’s content, she sleeps, I have had no wind, constipation or belly ache. I would recommend this milk. Only wish I knew about it before!

Toni Wisbey

‘This should be the standard formula for every baby’

I tell all my mummy friends about Kendamil, really like that its produced in the UK (non of the other brands are) and the ingredients are so much better than the other main stream brands. When I compared I got so angry seeing all the crap that’s in other formulas, it really isn’t good for the baby!
Please buy Kendamil!

The Camerons – Amazon Customer

We love Kendamil in my house. Wish I’d found it for my first two babies. I would literally drink it myself it’s that nice.
I don’t know if it’s my imagination but my daughters digestion is so much better than when I have to use another brand in emergency.
Wish it was more widely available locally (midlands) as I often get caught short with online delivery so I’m lucky I still breastfeed.
Defo a big thumbs up.

Amidoll Harris

‘The Best Product to Give your Children the Best Start in Life’

Put the best milk into your children, great baby milk that you could drink yourself no problem, as opposed to mainstream brands that have soya and palm oil in them that make them taste rancid. No other baby milk brand sold in the UK puts the Red Tractor logo on its produce, Kendamil do, not only does the red tractor signify that the milk used is British and produced to the highest standards of animal welfare and quality in the world, it also guarantees traceability right back to the farm gate. Give your children the best and save the planet, because the soya and palm oil used in other brands is grown on land reclaimed from the rainforests, that is an undisputed fact.

Joe – Amazon Customer


It’s the best milk I have given to my son. When he drinks this he is very rarely sick and his bowel motions are so much better. When he drinks the other formulas (I’ve used a few) he’s sick after every feed and constipated. Best formula I have given my son.

Amanda Davies

Mixes well
UK made
Honest marketing and open, allowing Channel 4 dispatches into their factory where others refused.

Ian-Paul Munday

It mixes a lot better in the bottle and doesn’t leave lumpy bits on the sides like other formulas and is less frothy.
It actually smells like milk.
First heard of it from watching a panorama documentary and they were literally the only formula company to allow filming and interviewing etc in their factory. To me that says it all and I switched straight away and couldn’t be happier. I won’t use any other formula now. It is also more cost effective than other formulas.

Becky M. Thompson

Thank you for being palm oil free Kendamil!!
I chose you because of this and it’s great that you are British made… so we are supporting our farmers whilst not being responsible for cutting down rainforest abroad…double thumbs up!
My little girl has been on this from day one and has been so healthy and happy.

Sarah Parnell

Fantastic milk. Used this milk from the start, combined with expressed milk. Couldn’t recommend this milk enough.

Charlotte Amy Bunce

Fantastic milk, my little boy is happy and smiley with this milk, it mixes amazing. Delivery service is fantastic, we had DPD which was fantastic. Thank you Kendamil for a fantastic milk!

Frankie Neill

Absolutely fantastic products, my youngest daughter has being on Kendamil infant formula from birth and has done brilliant, she’s healthy and unlike my eldest who was on different milk 8 years ago she hasn’t put loads of weight on in one go so her digestion is much better then I have ever had with my eldest. I have recently started her on 4+ month banana porridge and she loves it, I have done so much research to make sure she was having the best and she is definitely getting that with Kendamil, currently waiting for my 6 boxes of porridge to come 🙂 plus being a UK product is much more appealing to a UK farmer. Thank you

Samantha Jade Hall

Best baby milk on the market highly recommended and British made fresh from British farms win-win really.

Jade Ann Rose Loughran

This formula is brilliant! Baby was really not agreeing with another formula and has suffered terrible wind and reflux. He’s immediately taken to this milk so much better, and is actually drinking a full bottle without making gagging faces! I’m so glad I came across it, but agree with other parents that it’s not readily available in supermarkets so I’ve struggled to get a hold of it! It’s worth trying to get though! Smells so much better than other formulas too and I wish I came across it weeks ago! I think this formula will turn the market on its head as its UK based and contains no nasty ingredients so it’s nicer on baby’s tummy. If you’re in two minds over trying it, my advice is just do it because despite the fact that every baby is different, it’s got rave reviews for a reason!

Carol Gray

Soo after a long time of having a restless baby , I made the decision to change Ernie’s formula and it was the best decision ever! For those who haven’t heard of it it’s called ‘Kendamil’ it’s a new formula that is up for an award this year I think! It’s the only formula made in England which I also didn’t know! After reading soo many amazing reviews online I thought I’d give it a try I’ve been using it for nearly a week now and Ernie is soo much happier and sleeps so well at night he also had reflux which is also gone! I really recommend it to all Mummas! 5 stars!!

Georgia Moretti

Excellent quality milk, baby loves it, using 2-3 bottles a day to supplement breastfeeding and had no issues at all!

Jazmine Kelly

Kendamil is just amazing, my son was having awful tummy problems on breastmilk, normal formula and finally being prescribed hypoallergenic milk which just seemed to aggravate his system even more. I read about Kendamil and decided to try and wow I just wish I’d started using it earlier, his system settled down within 48 hours and his extreme constipation was a thing of the past. I love that it’s made it the UK, uses whole milk and has no bulking agents.

Chloe Warren

100% Recommend – A Fantastic Product and Brand!

Kendamil has been fantastic for us as a family. You can immediately see the difference just by looking at the formula but my babies have been transformed when using this product. I couldn’t recommend Kendamil more!

Amazon Customer

‘Perfect Milk for Babies!’

Excellent. We use this for our son and he has really enjoyed it. Kept him regular without any cramps. We are very pleased with the purchases from Kendamil.

Stuart Goodwin

‘Very High Quality Milk with a Great Price Tag’

My baby absolutely loves this milk, and never leaves any behind. It tastes great from the first drop. The quality of this milk is so great, and the £9 a tub is an absolute bargain for what it is. Wouldn’t go back to any other formula. Other mums I now have now tried this milk and absolutely love it as well. Their baby porridge etc is excellent too.

Amazon Customer

‘Little Ones Love the Taste Too!’

Cannot praise this brand enough.. No fish oils = no reflux! Icky tummies and colic all gone!! Little ones love the taste too.. Fantastic.. And I love that it’s made in Britain! Just wish it was available in more shops!

Alys – Amazon Customer

‘Unbelievably Good’

Firstly the product smells like fresh cream instead of that odd slightly yukky baby milk smell. It’s a good thickness, not thin yet not too thick. My 9 month old was on Hipp combiotic but now we have this milk we will never look back. She drinks the bottle happily and no smelly poops. All in all a great quality British product I now trust. Fantastic stuff, thank you !

Amazon Customer


Amazing milk!! Only the best for our little one. He’s absolutely thriving.

Anne Kennedy

Fast pace delivery and tracked.

I have been using this milk with my baby since switching from breast milk. The only milk which I find that does not have a lot of sugar and no palm oil. My baby drinks the milk fine and the creamy texture makes it more tasty for him.


I started Kendamil for my new-born after being recommended by a friend, i loved that it was made from full cream and had no nasties or palm oil in it. My daughter is 6 weeks old today, and we have had a very tough few weeks, but one thing has been easy, her feeds, the formula is brilliant, she is thriving on it, no tummy issues like friends using other brands, my daughter finishes every feed and she loves it. I also love that I can just set up a subscription and get all the formula delivered monthly, with everything going on in the world at the moment I don’t need to worry about my little girl being fed. thankyou Kendamil, I will recommend your formula to any first time mums.

Sammy Latchford

My little boys always had tummy ache with the most popular brand of milks I tried. until I came across Kendamil , he is so much better his colic has gone and seems much more settled; we wish I found it sooner. Thank you Kendamil!

Sophie Firth

I breastfed at first and then moved to combination feeding, I had heard great things about Kendamil and loved that it was made just down the road. Rex has had no stomach or nappy problems with this milk – he gobbles it up! we’ve now moved on to the stage 2 milk and he’s a big strong boy!!! Thanks Kendamil!

Gemma Barton