Kendamil Grab and go Pack First infant milk

Kendamil First Infant Milk grab-and go packs feature a 400g tin of our much loved stage 1 standard formula recipe, provided in a convenient pack suitable for on the go use.

Our pack contains 1x 400g Standard stage 1 formula, 5x 100ml sealed sterile and recyclable bottles and 5x sealed sterile teats.

All the goodness and nutritional value of full cream milk specially developed for happy, healthy babies.

Made in Cumbria.

Price: £10.00 In stock
Product Code: 2020111

Why Choose Kendamil First Infant Milk?

  • A premium formula that retains all the natural goodness and benefits full cream nutrients.
  • Milder and more natural taste than formulas made from skimmed milk.
  • Better suited for sensitive babies digestive systems than skimmed milk products.
  • Formulated to include the essential nutrients your baby needs to complement a balanced weaning diet.

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