Kendal Nutricare – 57 Years of Scientific Experience

Kendal Nutricare is a British food company specialising in family nutrition, located in Kendal the gateway to the English Lake District, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

We specialise in the manufacture of world class health care products for the entire lifecycle, from infant formulas and infant cereals to adult meal replacement, from pharma grade anti-allergen and lactose free infant formulas to clinical products.

Since 1962, The Kendal Nutricare factory has manufactured high quality infant food products for Farleys, GSK, Boots and Heinz before becoming Kendal Nutricare in 2015.

Our factory is a state of the art manufacturing plant, with an experienced team with over 20 years’ average industry experience. A highly qualified group of engineers, technicians, laboratory microbiologists and research scientists operate the factory to world class standards.

Key research into the rise of eczema, colic and how calcium is absorbed in the infant gut led the Kendamil team to develop an infant formula, free from Palm Oils, Fish Oils and GMOs which consumers tell us aids constipation and promotes better sleep for your baby.

Where most other infant milk manufacturers use semi-skimmed milk to cut costs and blend with extra vegetable oils, the Kendamil Research Team have taken a fresher approach formulating using only the best full cream milk supplied directly from local dairy farms in and around the Lake District.

The whole milk is carefully mixed with selected essential fatty acids and fortified with proteins, vitamins and minerals creating a formula which will give your baby the best start in life.

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