What Makes Kendamil Different?

If you’ve decided to bottle-feed your baby you’ll no doubt be thinking about which formula to choose. With so much choice and so many different brands available it can sometimes be confusing to know which formula to choose for your baby and the differences between each brand. Katie Hilton, Kendamil Feeding Expert, tells us about the unique difference she has identified within the Kendamil range of products.

Best of British

Kendamil is the only British-made infant formula, manufactured exclusively using fresh milk from local, Red-Tractor Accredited dairy farms in Cumbria and Lancashire. This commitment to British, home of some of the world’s highest food safety standards, ensures both complete traceability of ingredients and a more sustainable, lower carbon-footprint product compared to foreign brands such as Aptamil, Cow and Gate, SMA and HiPP.

Full Cream Nutrients

Kendamil is also the only formulation on the market that continues to use natural full cream nutrients from milk. When Kendamil was first conceived by Kendal Nutricare’s product development team, the company’s food scientists studied increased incidences in children of eczema, colic and constipation in infants and set about understanding why this might be occurring. One common theme that arose was the move towards increased processed oils in skimmed milk formulas, a worrying trend driven by large food conglomerates seeking to reduce their costs (palm oil is cheaper than full-cream). This worrying shift away from natural full-cream nutrients towards industrially-produced oils is one the team at Kendamil sought to put right. Kendamil’s commitment to natural mammal’s milk fats, no matter the cost, reflects the company mission to offer parents and babies the next best alternative to breastmilk.

When Kendamil was first launched, the company was overwhelmed by the response from parents. Parents were reporting their babies and children were happier, had more energy, suffered less incidences of colic and constipation and were sleeping for longer. It was clear that full cream nutrients, a traditional method brought to the modern formula industry, offered a way forward, better for parents, better for babies and better for the environment.

The Most Sustainable Formula in the World

The company’s commitment to the world your children will inherit is real. Kendamil developed a formula proudly containing zero palm oils, making it better for babies and the environment. For little ones, research has shown that palm oil negatively impacts a baby’s ability to absorb minerals and can lead to colic, lactose intolerance and poorer sleep patterns. Environmentally, palm oil has been a leading cause of deforestation, threatening wildlife populations and indigenous tribes around the world. There is no place in the world for palm oils and Kendamil is proud to be a thought leader at the front of this important global trend.

But Kendamil hasn’t stopped there. With formulas that are organic and GMO free, Kendamil will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible in sustainability, traceability and ethical production practices. Most recently, Kendamil has reformulated their flagship products to make their formula vegetarian friendly. This is achieved by using plant-based sources for Omega 3 & 6, rather than fish oils, a natural allergen and threat to our world’s fish stocks.

We know that no brand can ever create a formula which will match the tailored natural nutrition provided by a mother’s breastmilk, but here at Kendamil, we are committed to offering parents and families the next best thing, for their baby and the world they will inherit.

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