We Are Proud To Launch Our Organic Infant Formula!

Kendamil Launches First Full Cream Organic Infant Formula


Why Go Organic?

Breastfeeding is the natural and best way to feed your child. We want to give parents the best substitute available so we made a premium organic formulation recipe and created a new wholesome baby formula. All our organic milk and ingredients are from dedicated organic farms in the Lake District.

The Lake District is the second highest dairy pool in the country and has the ideal growing conditions for pasture growth. By using full cream, organic milk farmed locally, we are retaining all of the vitamins and minerals. The result is a delicious organic range of baby formula, providing for every stage of baby’s development. All our organic milk comes from locally sourced organic farms.

Premium Organic Ingredients

Our organic farmers give the animals a healthy measure of respect. Buying organic means the cows have ample space to behave naturally. The premium ingredients abide by a strict organic program to ensure we use high quality ingredients from trusted organic dairy farms using sustainable farming practices.  These farms have to be approved by the Soil Association and be free from:

  • Artificial chemical fertilisers – instead organic farmers develop a healthy, fertile soil by growing and rotating a mixture of crops.
  • Pesticides – instead organic farmers develop nutrient-rich soil to grow strong, healthy crops and encourage wildlife to help control pests and disease.
  • The routine use of drugs and antibiotics – instead the farmer will use preventative methods, like moving animals to fresh pasture and keeping a smaller herd.

They also help:

  • Animal welfare – this is at the heart of the system, free-range animal are guaranteed.
  • A diversity of crops and animals are raised on the farm and rotated around the farm. This mixed farming approach helps break cycles of pests and disease and builds fertility in the soil.

Opting for organic foods is an effective choice for your health and the environment. Organic farming supports an eco-sustenance, farming in harmony with nature. Wildlife, insects, frogs and birds are able to play their roles without interference or compromise.

Now Available in Sainsbury’s and Waitrose

Our Kendamil Organic Infant Formula launched this week and is now available in Sainsbury’s, (excluding centrals and locals), and Waitrose you can also find it online at Sainsburys.co.uk and on our online shop.

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