Now Available In ASDA!

Our Kendamil Formulas are now available in ASDA!

The rebirth of British-manufactured formula.

‘Kendamil’ is the only British-manufactured formula and it is now available from St Andrews to St Ives and everywhere in between.

Parents across the country can now discover a product with a premium formulation, but with no higher price tag than other formulas.

Kendamil is formulated with care. By making the formula with full cream fats the company was able to remove the palm oil other formulas contain.

The Kendamil formulas are free from fish oil and GMOs.

Kendamil has a compelling story behind it, which gives it great appeal. The R&D team at company, Kendal Nutricare, based in Kendal, listened to the stories of parents who had issues with their formula feeds. Feedback relating to a rise in eczema amongst babies, increased colic, constipation and disrupted sleep, so the team examined why that might be.

Two decades ago, the majority of infant formulas were based on full-cream fats, which do not need topping up with oils. Now the heavy use of oils within skimmed-milk formulas (in which oil can constitute 25-30 percent of the formulation) has come under the spotlight. The reason for the switch away from full-cream formulas by other multinationals was the cost.

With the help of retailers like ASDA and Morrisons, Kendamil has switched back to the type of full-cream formula on which babies of the 60s, 70s and 80s grew up. Kendal Nutricare has used the 55 years of experience that its factory possesses and turned the infant formula market back around.

It has also been able to give its product a trustworthy label, by earning Red Tractor accreditation, and sources its milk from 220 local farms in and around Cumbria.

CEO Ross McMahon says: “Kendamil is the result of us listening to the stories from parents using formula. We know that nobody can create a formula that is as perfect for a child’s nutritional needs as breast milk, but we are determined to provide the next best thing, we are on a journey of development and constant research, as we seek to do the best we can for parents who use formula.”

“We are delighted that ASDA and Morrisons have listened to our story and listed our product in their stores. That gives us the opportunity to get the word out there and allow parents to judge Kendamil’s credentials for themselves.  Mums and Dads have already become our best advocates and we are sure this will continue to be the case.”

For an even more ethical approach Kendamil have recently launched a range of Organic formula’s now available in Sainsbury’s and online.

Kendamil is also available from and can be bought in MorrisonsBoothsSainsbury’ and selected farm shops.

More information about Kendal Nutricare can be found at and Information about Kendamil, and a list of the stores stocking it, can be found here.