No Fish Oil

Why was fish oil removed from Kendamil Formula?

Studies have found that some children find it difficult to process fish oil and that can cause a re-flux. Fish is also a common allergy so as an alternative we source our Omega 3 from Natural Pure Marine Algae.

While most people believe that fish produce their own omega-3s it is the algae in their food that makes them a rich source.

Using Natural Pure Marine Algae provides a purer quality Omega 3. The danger when using fish is that it may contain some contaminants, but in our pure marine algae these are controlled to a more acceptable level.

The Marine Algae process is virtually free from these contaminants. It does costs us more but gives us a more premium product.

DHA is suitable for vegetarians, kosher & halal. Our tests show that there is less smell and taint when comparing a fish oil mix with Marine Algae.

Using an alternative to fish oil is also the right thing to do. It’s a renewable sustainable source, switching to this helps save the world precious seafood reserves.

We source our Natural Pure Marine Algae from Life’sDHA who have done numerous studies to confirm that everyone from infants to adults benefit.


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