Kendamil Cereal – The Helpful Guide

How To Prepare Kendamil Cereal

  Your baby is just beginning to eat. Our infant cereal has a plain flavour and a smooth texture, gentle for learning to eat. We have 3 flavours, Smooth Baby Rice, Smooth Banana & Creamy Oat to start encouraging variety in their diet. Just what your baby needs.     Your baby is ready to progress to solid foods! It’s an exciting experience of new tastes and textures. Try our Kids Blueberry Porridge. Packed with essential vitamins and minerals this cereal has a slightly thicker texture compared to our 4+ selection to encourage chewing in more confident eaters.

Step 1

Use a clean bowl and feeding spoon.

Step 2

Add 3 spoons of warm water and 1 spoon of porridge.

Step 3

Stir well. Check the temperature before serving. See our cereals selection. See our guide for making baby formula.