Keep Your Baby Warm In Cold Weather

Heading out of the house in the cold weather with your new born can feel scary, your child seems so venerable. You may think it is better to keep your child inside when it is so cold. But we all need fresh air. Here are some simple tips to keep your child safe and snuggly when out and about this winter…

Our Top Tips

Worried it’s too cold to take your baby out for a walk? We recommend if it is below -5C, it’s probably best to stay at home but fortunately it doesn’t tend to get that cold here in the UK very often.

Steer clear of crowds of people and busy spots, you don’t want your baby caught in crowd, coughed and sneezed on. If they are wrapped up warm and cosy it’s fine to head outside. Here are some easy ways to help you both enjoy a fun walk without them feeling the cold.

Layer up!

We would always recommend you dress your baby in layers rather than one large all-in one snow suit. With a layered approach you can add or remove layers depending on how your baby is responding. But if you’re just getting in the car for a quick two min trip to grandmas a snow suit provides a great buffer against the cold and snow. Once your baby is dressed you can slip her into the suit before you head out the door. Look for suits with a good layer of insulation and water repellent fabric.

Hats on!

Body heat can escape through the head, always put a hat on your baby before going outside in the winter.

Gloves on!

Put gloves/mittens on and keep extra pairs handy. Baby’s tend to suck on gloves – cold and wet isn’t a good combination.

Don’t Forget The Socks

Make sure they wear warm socks or booties too!

When you get back inside.

Once you’re back take off the outdoor clothing as soon as possible. Sitting in a warm coat in the warmth could make your baby clammy which could make it colder when you go back outside again. This is also the case when your get into the car, take off the extra blankets when things warm up.

Too warm or too cold?

Check your babys limbs for excessive heat or cold exposure, if you’re carrying your baby beware theat your own heat is adding to their own layers. If you’re worried add another layer.

If you’re worried about your baby and their body temperature drops below 35C (hypothermia) call 999.

Facts From Parents:

Your baby can’t regulate their body temp until two years old

Chilly winds outside and dry indoor heat can dehydrate your baby’s skin, keep their skin moisturised.