Baby Yoga: Child’s pose or Child’s play?

Whether you’re a yogi guru or a complete beginner you will have heard the hype, we’re talking Yoga. It might not be the first thing that crosses your mind as an activity with your toddler, but it could be more fun than you think. Here are some points on why you might consider rolling out a mat and dusting off your downward dog!

  1. It’s good exercise:

It’s an obvious point, but not only is yoga great for stretching out those aches and pains, it also encourages a great mind and body connection. It might be easier said than done coercing your toddler into a sun salutation but just concentrating on inhaling and exhaling can be your road to calm. Top tip: start simple, remember happy baby will be your best friend!

  1. It’s good one-on-one time:
    Believe me, I know it’s not easy getting five minutes to yourself or enjoying a quiet moment without suspicion, but taking time to chill and including your tot helps to show that we all need a quiet moment. Whether it be a moment of chaos or calm who doesn’t love a bit of one-on-one?

  1. Encourages focus:

You can laugh at the idea of focusing your toddler but we all know how important a skill it is for later life. Gentle introduction can be a great way to start cultivating those oh so important habits. Challenge your bub with balancing and simple breathing techniques to get them concentrating on themselves.


  1. It’s great before bedtime:

Stick on some relaxing music and dim the lights, yoga is a great way to start winding down before bed. That extra activity before putting them down can be hugely rewarding for you both. It can be a one off or a daily habit that can help your little one settle and by winding down quietly, it can* encourage better sleep.


*results may vary

  1. It’s Fun!:

If little else, who doesn’t love rolling around on the floor and trying something new? Even if you don’t find your zen, five minutes of giggles is surely worth a go!


Remember take it easy to start, practice in clear, open area and don’t take yourself too seriously. Even if your little one is more ants in their pants than Asana, enjoy your five minutes of bonding. Please remember, should you have any concerns, contact your GP for before starting any new exercise. Wishing you luck (and a bit of peace) in your practice, I look forward to hearing how you get on, Namaste!