6 tips for a chaos free Christmas!


I struggle to pinpoint the exact moment Christmas became less about staying up all night with excitement- to lying awake worrying about the impending chaos. It’s fun, it’s stressful, but it’s only one day a year. Here are some tips to hack your festive season. Keeping you merry and bright in the maelstrom of tinsel that is Christmas!


Settle in to the fact that you are not going to get your eight hours

It wasn’t worth kidding yourself that you could have the angels tucked up and asleep by eight. Take it as a victory that by ten they are making their way upstairs after putting out mince pies and glass of sherry. Use your extra time awake as time to prep for tomorrow. Use Father Christmas as leverage to stay in bedrooms so you can get things done around the house. If you haven’t used the big fella as a bribe are you even a parent? :p


Stagger present opening

Sustain that bargaining power- don’t relinquish all that control in one half an hour of wrapping shredding madness. Keep some aces up your sleeve for when the relatives arrive and to get those sprouts eaten. On a more positive note, holding back a couple of gifts until Boxing Day means gifts can be more appreciated and it help lessen the post-Christmas comedown.


“If a tradition isn’t working for you, make a new one.”


Find a tradition that works for you

Don’t be a Christmas sheep, baaaa-hum-bug (sorry). If a tradition isn’t working for you, make a new one. Not only will your family appreciate it, you have something special to share between you, which is kind of what it’s all about.

Chocolate covered children

Chocolate, children and Christmas, words that are synonymous with both joy and stress. It’s inevitable that your children will be chocolate filled and bouncing off the walls by 10am. Consistency, caring and consequences are great parenting mantras, usually, but good luck trying to implement them a day with the other three C’s taking precedent.

Make a plan

Like any good battle, strategy is key. Drawing up a schedule (that you don’t have to strictly stuck to) can help lessen the panic. Christmas follows a routine: presents, vast amounts of chocolate, wading through wrapping paper, dinner, the Queen’s speech and it winds down with more chocolate and television (or something to that effect.) It’s a good basis to then slot in other activities, a great way to keep everyone out of your kitchen.


“Don’t be afraid to call in reinforcements.”


Choose your battles

You are a Christmas warrior, conquering the turkey, peace keeping between the bickering relatives, you’ve got this- but you don’t have to. When it comes down to it, it’s one day of the year, fighting over the remote? Let it go, there’s always catch up. Don’t be afraid to call in reinforcements, your mother-in-law is great at spuds? Ask for help, not only is it flattering, it helps take a bit off your plate.


Get ready for one of the most hyped days of the year-  sweeping in and sweeping out with the force of a blizzard. The best advice we can offer is to roll with it, chaos, tinsel and all. Have fun, enjoy the family time but don’t forget if it doesn’t all go to plan don’t take it to heart, put your feet up and have that glass of bubbly you deserve!